Color is great! There’s a reason one of the first things you ask a child is “What’s your favorite color?” It’s the easiest and most blatant way to assert your personality and character. But as with personality, there are arrays of colors that simply don’t mix. This short list of four easy ways as to how to mix colors in your wardrobe is a sure-fire way to help you bring more color into your life.

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What easier way to pair different pieces of the same outfit together than wearing all the same color! This is the most simple and intuitive way to coordinate a whole outfit. A monochrome outfit will never clash with itself and creates an effortlessly chic feel, making one look put together without even trying. This method is best followed down to the letter even with shoes, bags, and accessories for maximum coordination.

There’s a reason this trend is taking over Pinterest. Whether it be hair dye or Starbucks drinks, Ombre is another way to spice up you wardrobe color palette. The gradual fade of a bright vibrant color into a softer muted pastel version of itself is a classy and elegant play on a whole spectrum of colors in a single outfit. This method is best on long flowy dresses where the gradual fade is brought out more.

Neutral Colors
Nude, Tan, Khaki, Grey, Navy, and of course, Black and White, these colors are called neutrals for a reason. A neutral color never clashes. They are classy, simple, and complement any color you pair them with. Invest in pieces in these colors for a simple ad effortless way to integrate colors together in your wardrobe.

Match Them to Your Skin Tone
What better way to match colors than to match them to yourself! The golden rule for this step is to figure out first whether you are fair skinned or dark skinned. The paler your skin is the better suited it is to colors on the cooler side of the color spectrum like blue, green, and etc. While the darker you are, the more likely you are to look better in warmer colors like red, orange and yellow.

There you have it! Four easy ways to bring color into your life. We hope you found this guide useful and informative. Go ahead and try any one of these four out the next time you assemble your OOTD! And keep them in mind the next time you go clothes shopping.

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